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The Life Rhythm

a holistic approach to natural health 
balancing Mind & Body
through the noble art of Deep Silence and Mindful Touch

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We work on the basis of the understanding of the intrinsic and intertwined relationship between: The Physical Body, the Mental Body, the Emotional Body, the Energy Body and the integration of the parts as a Whole, tuning in with the rhythm of life or the creative life-force energy.

Consciously Practicing Noble Silence is the most straight way to transcend the mental chatter
in order to understand and experience: 

* Higher Levels of Awareness *

* Healthier Body and Mind *

* Emotional Healing *

* Deep Listening of Inner Wisdom & Intuition *

* Deep Union with Nature and its Cycles *

* Embodying the art of Trusting & Allowing *

* Moving through Life in full Coherence *

* Cultivating Harmony, Synchronicity and Inner Peace *

* Rising Vibration and moving to new and more coherent states of Consciousness *

* Being the creator of your own Reality*

* Living in Blissful, Eternal, Mindful Awareness *


"Life is a miracle and the miracle starts in the Self" 

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* Online Weekdays Regular Meditation Sessions:
'In Silence We Meet' *

* TLR 1-2-1 Live & Online Sessions:
Osteopathy Center Cuerpo Sabio,
Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain *

* Online Monthly Weekend Noble Silence Retreats:
'In Silence We Meet' *

* Workshops, Trainings & Conferences Worldwide *


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