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Right & left & all the space in between (Unity vs Duality)

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

There always seems to have been a clear distinction between right and left. Your right foot, your left foot, your right hand-side, your left hand-side, the street on the left, the street on the right, the right side of the body, the left one, the right side of the brain, the left one, the right wing, the left wing. From anatomy, to directions, to politics, to ways of seeing the world, right and left are rather present in our day to day.


This is an ultimate example of the Duality that permeates our existence. We can't choose to be left-wing and support also the right, we can't decide to turn right and also turn left. If we write with our left hand, we generally don't know how to write with the right. If our strong leg is the left, we will be 'goofy' in surfing and stand on the surfboard with the right leg on the front, while if our strong leg is the right, we will be 'regular' and will stand on the board with our right leg at the back. One of the strongest, yet most of the time unnoticed duality that we face in life, is the difference between our left and right brain. We are constantly, from the moment we wake up to the sweet moment when we go to bed at night, acting and experiencing life according to either our left brain perception of reality or our right brain perception of it. Becoming aware of the differentiation between our two sides and the two different origins to our motivations and interpretations of any given scenario or situation, can be truly revealing and life-changing.

Your right brain will tend to react emotionally. It relates with the left part of the body and it will be the one responsible for you getting butterflies in the stomach when you see the person you like. It's the one behind the scenes when your eyes are moved into tears watching a magical sunrise, the birth of beautiful puppies of their mama or two family members hugging each other after long time not seen in the arrivals lounge of an airport. The right brain likes hugs, kisses, caresses, yummy cake, friends, family members, loved ones, cool places, nice sensations, beautiful feelings, he tends to know what he wants and what he enjoys. He also likes to get personal, angry, frustrated, upset, lonely, overthinking or paranoid. Your left brain on the other hand, will tend to act rationally. It relates with the right part of the body and will truly want an answer to every question he has, and not just some washy-washy answer, he will want a well elaborated, fact-based and corroborated answer. He will be the one planning your day, planning your year and he can even be cheeky enough to want to plan your life far ahead. He is behind the scenes when you're creating an excel sheet, booking the accommodation & flights for your next holiday, reading an essay, asking friends for a therapist recommendation when you feel overwhelmingly sad or counting the pros and cons of buying a ground floor apartment or a top floor one. He can be sharp, a smart-ass, really genuine and cool. He too tends to be indecisive, can ask many questions, he can be judgmental and all this can tend to bring him a lot of self-doubt. The truth is that the brain is at his best when the two parts trust each other and can cooperate to grow together in Unity. The reality is that most of the time, one tends to be stronger than the other and wants to enforce its influence over the other, producing a constant Duality. Our emotional side and our rational side are there to support us in navigating through life. We can't experience and understand life from a place of rationality only, nor can we do it from a place of emotionality alone. If every time that we're trying to be emotional and tap in with our intuition about something, our left brain steps in and starts throwing excuses and counting pros and cons, we will be kept hanging on a constant stay of doubt and indecisiveness. If in the contrary, we can firstly analise the pros and cons on a matter, and then taking that into consideration, ask our heart -without further doubting his answer- what the next step is, we will get a clear insight on the right way and the right timing. Our right brain will want to play sad songs when we're in the middle of a breakup, our left one will want to open up a Tinder account and get on with our lives. He's practical, the other one is profound. One is not right, the other is not wrong. Both of them are needed and required to coexist and to ideally do it in harmony.

By becoming aware in our day to day of when one is taking over the other and viceversa, we can bring higher levels of self-awareness to our days, decisions become easier, life becomes less overwhelming and we feel more at ease and supported. Following the principle of coherence, we harmonise our brain and from there, we are a step closer to opening up to the alignment with the Rhythm of Life itself. See you soon : )

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