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Our dearest Clients


After pulling my back at the gym and being immobile and in excruciating pain, after just one session with Alex I was able to walk again and most incredibly without any pain whatsoever, I couldn't believe just how fast and effective his diagnose and treatment technique was. I highly recommend his services, you won't be disappointed.

Ryan Gibbons, St. Michael, Barbados


I’ve known Charo for many years and the span of her well-being knowledge has made a massive impact in my life. She was my first yoga teacher since I returned to Spain after living abroad, and her practice approach was incredibly healing for my soul and body in a complicated transitional period of my life. I’ve been lucky enough to have enjoyed some of her yoga retreats and they are 360° experiences, always in incredible locations, with amazing veggie food and all kinds of alternative treatments and surprises personally crafted by her. She gives a magic touch to everything she does, whether it is yoga, guided meditation, cacao ceremony, Reiki, nutritional advice… she does it so graciously that puts literally all her heart, mind and positive energy on it, offering the best possible experience that any person, who seeks personal growth and wants to feel better and happier, would ever wish.

Alex has been treating me for several months now and I can ensure he has a gift literally in his hands and his mind. He listens to your body and understands it so well that he can find the origin and the fix to any problem you may have –– those you come in with, and those you didn’t even know about. I entered his consultation with a really bad sprain on my ankle and two days later I was able to walk. He’s resolved little by little my long-lasting injuries like anybody else has been able to do before, and I’m incredibly grateful for that. His approach is very holistic, personalizing his treatment on an individual basis. He’s always contributing to increase my well-being and is helping me have a better quality of life free of pain. And that’s priceless!

Isabel Bellido, NY & Malaga, US & Spain

Alex has been treating me and my family for many years. 
His kind and understanding approach is matched by his highly qualified expertise in the fields of craneal sacral therapy and osteopathy as well as many other techniques. 
He is able to perform in many levels, from the simple relief of muscular pain to interpreting internal blockages at the root of many types of discomfort. 
He works on a very individual level with each client to choose the best healing techniques for a wonderful sense of pain release and wellness. I would highly recommend him to anyone. 

Sarina Garber, Galway, Ireland


The first thing that any person needing the services of Alex will see is the same that I saw 17 years ago when I first met him, an exceptional human being and his pure smile showing straight from his heart. From the start you know he's someone you can fully trust and someone that will hold a sacred space for you along any therapeutical process.  


Over those pillars, Alex has build up extensive knowledge on human health, anatomy, pathology, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, bio-emotional liberation and any healing technique that has come his way. 

I have never hesitated when putting my health and the health of my loved ones in Alex's hands. 

To heal the big setbacks that some times life throw at us, even bigger professionals are required. Alex is one of them and he will be able to get you in alignment with the Life Rhythm like anybody else can.

Thank your for the shared moments Alex! 

D.O. Francisco Marín, Barcelona, Spain


Alejandro is a gifted exponent of numerous healing arts. As an osteopath and craneo sacral therapist my experience with him, across two decades, has
been life changing in that I have learnt that pain is the manifestation of malaise, be it physical or emotional. Alex is able to detect malfunction and work with my body and mind, using whatever combination of skills as may be necessary. His work is unique, personalised and patient oriented. After a session with Alex I use the Spanish expression “one is another”, meaning that I feel totally renovated and recharged.

Deborah Galvez, Seville, Spain


I am deeply grateful to Alejandro for the help he has given me with my Fibromyalgia. The relief he has given me has given me a new lease of life as I am now able to move much more easily and feel that my balance and coordination are now better than before my illness began. I am now off painkillers and enjoying life much more. I feel this is thanks to Alejandro’s hard work and ongoing encouragement.

Kathleen Brady, Dublin, Ireland


An excellent combo: Yoga & Osteopathy with Charo & Alex.
Charo, has taught me and helped me a lot, both physically and mentally. She transmits peace, harmony and balance, her yoga classes & retreats are beautifully crafted and always good fun and a great workout whilst she shares a lot of interesting knowledge on yoga and healthy lifestyle routines. 
Alex is an amazing osteopath, his techniques and his hands are from another world, he really can work magic with his touch. He can remove pain in a very short period of time and he applies big doses of psychology when he works, he creates a very safe and secure place where you can feel at back at home. 

Highly recommend these two wellbeing & health professionals. 

Rosario Coalla, Málaga, Spain

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