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Alex García: D.O. Osteopath, massage & manual therapies facilitator, international certified therapist in craniosacral, TIR® therapist, certified therapist in BioNeuroEmotion® & Osteopathy Teacher with over 15 years experience in Barcelona & South of Spain.

With his unique approach to health and the body, Alex has received endless words of praise about his work by his teachers, his students and his patients. 

He trained in Osteopathy in Barcelona, ​​in the renowned ISMET center, and completed his studies in the best national osteopathy centers in Barcelona, Madrid, Granada and Malaga. Later he became part of the teaching team of Nutrifisio Center, Andalusian headquarters of CIDO (Osteopathic Research and Development Center) directed by D.O Francisco Fajardo in San Sebastian.
Alex completed all the Sacral Cranium Therapy courses taught by Upledger Spain Institute and directed by Dr. John Upledger. After its completion, he worked as an assistant teacher in several Cranial Sacral Therapy courses taught by the same Institute.


After some time working as a masseur, osteopath, flowers & aroma therapist, foot reflexologist, specialist in Cranial Sacral Therapy and Somato Emotional Release* in Barcelona and Málaga, he came across BioNeuroEmotion® created by the graduate in Psychology Enric Corbera, technique that goes deep into the root and cause of any given physical and emotional symptom. Alex was fascinated by its effectiveness and trained as a companion in BioNeuroEmotion®.

He currently works with a blend of all these techniques plus a selection of his own ones that he has developed over years of research with patients. 

In present times, Alex runs his own Health Centre, “Cuerpo Sabio”, in Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, where he has with his unique approach, successfully treated thousands of patients with a myriad of conditions, illnesses and injuries.

Born in Mendoza Argentina, raised in Spain, Alex is a Virgo head to toes, one of the things he loves the most in life is helping others, he’s a devoted father to two beautiful children, he is an amazing son, partner and friend, he is fun to be around, enjoys the little things in life, loves to travel to new places and spending time with his loved ones. Aside from playing magic with his hands in consultation, his experienced hands can too play magic in the kitchen, making the most amazing hand-cut homemade french fries ever!

"In silence, we meet"

Charo Mérida: Dreamer, Believer, Achiever, International Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher, Certified TIR Facilitator (Integrative Regenerative Therapy), Certified Integrative Coach, Floral Therapist, Akashik Records Reader, Reiki practitioner, Certified Natural Nutrition Practitioner, student of nutrition from different perspectives (Naturopathy, Ayurveda & Macrobiotics), Cacao Ceremony 
facilitator, passionate student of Meditation, the Mind, Astrology, Eastern & Native Philosophies & the Meaning of Life.

After completing her degree in tourism and master in Marketing & Sales, she worked and continued to study in the field of tourism taking on different marketing, sales and events management roles. She worked and played hard for years in the fast paced corporate travel industry, traveling the world whilst based in her hometown Málaga and afterwards, during a few years in her beloved London. 

Charo started practicing yoga & meditation back in 2011 as a way to release stress and calm the mind. At some point, a few years down the line, she knew something was off with the lifestyle she had chosen for herself, and even though it may sound stereotypical, it was a month-long journey to India with one of her best friend,
what made her change directions.

After six years living abroad, she came back to Andalusia and trained as a Yoga Teacher with Vidya Heisel, a world renowned Yoga Teacher. The yoga was just the doorstep to an endless world of growth, expansion and self-discovery inviting her to explore the many beautiful secrets that this Universe beholds.

She has taught many hours of yoga classes, meditations, workshops and retreats in Spain and in Portugal, one of her favorite countries, where she lived for a while.
She is currently writing her first book and working on several personal projects.

Charo is a full on Sagittarius, pure at heart, enchanted by the mysteries of life and endearingly positive, she always has believed that “everything is possible” and like that, she has pursued her dreams in a sweet dance among “make it happen”, tending in the last few years more towards “surrender and let it happen”. She adores animals and little humans, she manages to bring the good out of anyone and any situation. She too loves the little things in life and traveling the world with her loved ones, if possible by her van and getting in the ocean for a sunset surf session.
"In the space of Love, where the magic happens"


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