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The Life Rhythm really is the rhythm of All that it is, it's the pure consciousness and intelligence that gives life to everything in this Universe.

Working with a group is always powerful and very nurturing as we go along supporting each other. 

We will be hosting: 

Monthly Group Gatherings
Two options: In Person in Costa del Sol or Online 
From September 2022
Contact us for more info, dates & getting started : ) 

TLR® group gatherings will bring a"Back to Basics" holistic approach to natural health and balance through a blend of Inquiry & Self-Reflection, Meditation, Yoga Asana, Conscious Breathing exercises,
Energy Centres Harmonisation & Dancing-Movement. 


TLR® Mindful Presence Programme

What will you learn? 
When you are out of balance, how do you actually feel? Uncomfortable? Sad? Angry? Frustrated? Or maybe that everything that you try, goes wrong. 
This is because you're not centred and aligned, you're out of coherence.
Through this course you'll learn to go back to your natural balance to find your coherence.

What to expect from this course? 
The best expectation is no expectation, however we will provide you with tools and techniques to move towards higher levels of serenity, feelings of more support overall and a better understanding of your personal recipe for coherence and inner peace. You will be guided to a natural evolution of your level of consciousness towards a place of natural allowance and co-creation with Life. 

Who is this for? 
Everyone that wants to improve their life. 
No previous experience or knowledge required. 

Course Structure: 
Session 1- The Physical Body & its Rhythm 
Session 2- The Mental Body & its Rhythm 
Session 3- The Emotional Body & its Rhythm 
Session 4- The Energy Body & its Rhythm 
Session 5- Integration & The Holistic Approach: The Life Rhythm 

NEXT DATES: To be confirmed


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