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"What if you allowed yourself to open up to the creative intelligence
that originates and permeates Everything"

In a globalised world where the amount of information is simply overwhelming, it gets very difficult to:
a) find silence among all the noise and stimulus and b) discern between what is good and not so good for the self.

After years of enrolling in diverse training courses, diving into loads of great books, having received blessed wisdom from amazing teachers from around the globe and having dedicated endless hours of study in the search for answers,
we both arrived to the same conclusion: 

The ultimate teacher and therefore, the ultimate answer, dwells within. 

When you want to tap into your inner wisdom and intuition,
the way to go is via transcending the mind and for that, you need the one simple ingredient: Silence.

In order to provide a time-space for this beautiful and powerful practice, starting in February 2024 we offer:


We will be holding a sacred time-space for you. 

A space for introspection and silence, a space to rest and digest.

We meet on weekdays on regular basis to seat together and meditate and to practice the art of hipno-yogic sleep.

We do it online from the comfort of our homes.

Please contact us for
Monthly Schedule, Guidelines and Link to access the Sessions:

+34 626 327 218 / 

Monthly Monetary Contribution
This is your commitment with yourself,
you decide when you can join and what you feel you can and want to contribute with on monthly basis.
You can do it via Bizum or Paypal.  

Sharing and Q&A: 
We will have English Speaking Sharing and Q&A session
every first and third Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm Madrid time.
Spanish Speaking Sharing and Q&A sessions will be hosted on second and forth Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm.

Don't miss our Weekend-Long Online Silence Retreats too, contact us for the details.

With much love and devotion, 

Charo x

TLR Individual personalised retreats: Services
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