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Individual or Small Groups

Every Cacao Ceremony is unique and has its very own flavour as a result of the special alchemy that happens uniting the persons that gather and the day & time when the ceremony takes place, not two ceremonies will ever be the same : ) 

Elements that will be normally part of a ceremony are: 
Choose your intention (Sankalpa), connect with the Elements, connect with your body, Self-Inquiry time, Chanting to activate your communication -Vishuda- energy center, Free Dance The Life Rhythm - Meditation & Relaxation time 

The cacao plant I use comes from El Salvador, the cacao is a very gentle, beautiful and sacred form of natural ancestral medicine.

Cacaco Plant helps the person who takes it to raise awareness and to remove inner blockages.

It works in a very subtle way, showing us new ways, signs or ideas through our emotions, dreams and/or potential synchronicities in the days after taking it. 

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