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Integrative Holistic Coaching

"Nothing changed... Then I changed and everything changed"

Coaching works on self-awareness, you get your own answers and make sense of your own puzzle. 

"Integrative" makes reference to the inclusive approach that we use in this type of coaching, integrating all the parts of ourselves, including those that we don't know that well or dislike in some ways. Rather than dissociating from the parts that we don't understand in ourselves, we give them space to be and be integrated. 

We work towards moving them from debilitating to enabling treats. 

Once we start having a higher awareness of the state of alignment or misalignment of certain parts of us, we can start working on it and through it.

The coaching methodology will take us from an original state of consciousness to a new destination linked to a different state of consciousness, new perspectives and views. 

The key resource we use in coaching is Questioning, though in this type of coaching other types of resources such as visualisations, meditations or other dynamics designed to identify your principles, your needs, your limiting believes, etc. will too be used.

Coaching is a process where coach & coachee share the process on 50% basis, the success is 100% onto the coachee. 

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by Charo Mérida 
International Certified Yoga Teacher 
& Integrative Coaching Facilitator

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