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Holistic Self, Coherent Self, Healthy Self

The Holistic Self is the combined integration of all that we are, it's a 360 inside out view of ourselves; from the most tangible and visible to the eyes -the physical body-, to the most ethereal and non physical parts os us, such as our emotions, sensations, feelings, thoughts, energy levels and other more spiritual & transpersonal layers of ourselves.

The combination of all these intertwined parts are what give rise to our person. Homeostasis -estable good health-, which is our natural state, has its foundations on a balanced and coherent integration of our parts. Coherence between the parts is an absolute key player in our natural health. Through steady coherence states, we see a sense of harmony and wholeness come into light.

A holistic or integral approach to the Self implies a wider vision, one in which all the single parts are taken into consideration and therefore integrated, without leaving any of them outside. The simple awareness of its existence is already a first step towards natural health. When coherence starts to emerge deep states of harmony arise in such a way, that there is less and less room for imbalances or what's the same, for lack of health. When we are in harmony, we are at ease, and it is right there, where health at all levels resides: Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Disease (dis-ease) which is the absence of health, ultimately is the absence of coherence and by extension, the absence of harmony. When a person cultivates a good knowledge of their own depths, one can come to connect, without distortions, with their soul, truth and heart. This is not complicated endeavour, it just requires deep listening beyond the chattery of the mind. Once this starts happening, there's no possible way other than flowing with life in deep trust. And as such, coherence shows up as if by magic. And thus, the healing and self-healing processes start to take place as a harmonious effect of the initial cause: coherence.

We will reveal much more about this topic, as well as ways to cultivate coherence and harmony on a day to day basis. Stay on the loop! We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this! Any questions, also let us know! We are here to listen to you : ) This article coming in Spanish soon HERE Hari Om! Charo Mérida x

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