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The real magic of 'Allowing'

Try this: 'Close your eyes, take 3 rounds of deep breathes in through the nose and out through the mouth as you make the intention of "embodiment" starting to travel from your mind to your body. If your mind is still wandering and not focusing in the intention of breathing and embodying your body, give it another go. Give it as many goes as you need until you finally feel you have focused 100% on the 3 rounds of breathe and the feeling of embodiment in your own skin. Next, keeping your eyes closed, internally recite the words: I allow, I allow, I allow.'

Sounds simple right? You have just by doing that, entered a deeper level of coherence, which means your nervous system has gone to Rest & Digest mode and your heart and brain are harmonised, dancing to the same rhythm. The way we normally go through life is how we have been grown to believe is the right way. We set goals, we work hard, we make things happen. Whether it is a house, a job, a new training, a promotion, a family, a journey or a relationship what we want, we are made to believe that in this life "nothing worth having comes easy", and therefore, we need to have a plan, patience and enough time to work hard in order to get whatever it is the object of our desire (and believe it or not, we always have our eye on that next something we want, the horizon is always moving forward...). These premises are quite possibly pretty close to... wrong. There is a whole different way of doing things, but we're not taught that way. So when things happen in an easy pace way, we think we just got lucky. The reality is that whilst we are busy planning our lives and achieving our goals, life is busy doing its own coherent thing. Life is a quantum creative force that is based in coherence, comes from coherence and moves towards coherence. A lot of our plans and goals are truly not in coherence with our nature, with our true desires, with our true self and purpose, then of course, things seem hard and long to get. And then, once we get them, some times we're either not totally happy with the results or ready to move onto the next thing. The more we enter coherence, the more we attune with life creative force (The Life Rhythm) and the more we can enter a reality of coherence in all areas of our life. Life creative force is that one that creates a flower, buildings, telephones, trees, waterfalls, planets, pizza, skyrockets, monkeys, oceans, lions, humans and chocolate. It is the creative force behind the scenes in everything that we know. The moment we say "I allow" we are saying "Life, I see you, I validate you, I love you, I respect you, I trust you, I enter coherence, I let our rhythms attune in harmony, I let miracles, coincidences and synchronicities happen, for my own good and for the higher good of all that it is". In our programmes and sessions at "The Life Rhythm®" we work with the Body, the Mind, the Emotions, the Energy levels and the integration of it all to find coherence and transcend to deeper levels of wellbeing and wholesomeness. The simple "I allow" can truly change your life.

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